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We Work in More Than 7k Communities To Strengthen equality

Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF) tirelessly champions equality, extending its impact across 7,000 communities across Nigeria. Through multifaceted initiatives, REF empowers marginalized individuals, advocating for their rights, and fostering inclusive growth. By working in diverse locales, REF endeavours to create a society where every voice is heard, disparities are diminished, and equal opportunities flourish.

no poverty

Lifting the underserved from poverty towards a thriving future.

best education

Offering holistic education for academic excellence.

clean water

Ensuring safe water, health, and community upliftment

good health

Empowering communities for comprehensive well-being.


Combating malnutrition, empowering with education, balanced meals.

help is our main goal!

Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF) is dedicated to uplifting communities via education, healthcare, and sustainable efforts. Through empowerment, skill-building, and opportunity creation, REF aims for positive transformation, guiding individuals towards self-reliance for a brighter future.

...Touching Lives, Building Future!

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we've funded 12,503 charity projects for 25M people across Africa