Our Gallery

Protecting the future and championing a path for a bright and secure tomorrow: REF guides children toward positivity, prosperity, and security; urging them to reject malevolent associations by standing against negativity, and ensuring a safe environment.

Welcome to Rosana Empowerment Foundation’s (REF) Gallery, a visual journey through our impactful initiatives, transformative projects, and the heartwarming moments that define our commitment to empowerment. Explore this dynamic mosaic of images that captures the essence of our work in women and youth empowerment, education, healthcare, peace-building and conflict resolution, and community development. Each image tells a story of resilience, hope, and positive change. Join us in celebrating the vibrant tapestry of lives touched and transformed by REF. Click through our Grid Gallery to witness the power of empowerment and the beauty of collective efforts in building a brighter, more inclusive future.