REF’s Advocacy Campaign in Shira LGA, Bauchi State for 16 Days Activism Against Gender-based Violence


Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF) collaborated with the African Hub for Community Progress Initiative in Nigeria (AfriHub) to actively participate in the 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence. The campaign aligned with the theme “Invest to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls.”

Event Details:

The campaign event took place at the Government Day Junior Secondary School Yana in Shira Local Government Area (LGA) of Bauchi State, proving to be a significant success. The Executive Director, Ejiogu Vitus Chibueze, delivered a keynote address highlighting the importance of awareness in combating the dangers of sexual abuse, especially within grassroots communities.

Key Messages:

Educational Imperative: REF stressed the need to educate individuals lacking the knowledge and resources to seek justice, with a focus on protecting the less privileged and ensuring their access to safety and justice.

Community Recognition: Mal. Muhammad Ali Shira, a community leader in Yana, commended AfriHub and REF for their efforts in delivering such a vital message to the community, acknowledging the importance of addressing gender-based violence.

Commitment to the Cause:

Media Channels: REF pledged to intensify the campaign through various media channels, including programs, social media, jingles, and spot announcements.

Advocacy for a Violence-Free Society: The foundation emphasized its commitment to advocating for a violence-free society, aiming to reach a broader audience and raise awareness about gender-based violence.

Community Engagement:

REF urged its members to actively participate in spreading the message, amplifying the impact of the campaign. Collaboration with relevant stakeholders was encouraged to reinforce efforts against gender-based violence, highlighting the collective responsibility in building a society free from violence and injustice.

Continued Dedication:

As the 16 Days of Activism continues until December 10th, REF remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting awareness, justice, and protection for victims of gender-based violence, particularly at the grassroots level.

For Further Information:

For more details about REF’s initiatives and the 16 Days of Activism campaign, please visit Rosana Empowerment Foundation website:

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