Pregnancy: A Sacred Commitment – Encouraging Young Girls to Prioritize Education


Addressing critical issues pertaining to the rights and well-being of young girls is one of the central missions of the Rosana Empowerment Foundation (REF). One avenue through which we aim to accomplish this is by actively commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child. This annual celebration serves as a powerful reminder of the pressing concerns that encompass the rights and welfare of young girls.

In the course of this year’s momentous 2023 celebration, Mrs. Glory Chinwe Ezeaku, an esteemed medical professional from the Federal Polytechnic Medical Centre in Bauchi, Nigeria, delivered a resounding message. She asserted that pregnancy should be an undertaking reserved for married individuals and that those who are unmarried should instead channel their focus towards their education, steering clear of youthful activities that may inadvertently lead to pregnancy. While this statement may seem forthright, it possesses significant merit and provides us with a valuable opportunity to inspire young girls to make education their utmost priority.

The Importance of Education:

Education is a fundamental right that empowers individuals to shape their futures and contribute positively to society. Young girls, like their male counterparts, should have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals without distractions. A solid education opens doors to a world of possibilities, allowing them to follow their passions and achieve their dreams.

Pregnancy and Responsibility:

Pregnancy is a life-altering commitment, and it should ideally be undertaken with the right circumstances and a strong support system in place. While there may be various reasons for pregnancy outside of marriage, it’s essential to understand the gravity of the responsibility that comes with parenthood.

Encouraging Responsibility:

It is crucial to promote responsible choices regarding sexual activity and family planning among young people. Encouraging young girls to prioritize education over early pregnancies does not mean denying them the right to make decisions about their bodies. Instead, it aims to guide them towards making informed choices about their sexual health, which may include abstinence or the use of contraceptives to avoid unintended pregnancies.

Promoting Awareness and Access:

Access to comprehensive sex education, reproductive health services, and contraceptives can empower young girls to take control of their reproductive health. These tools equip them with the knowledge and resources needed to make responsible decisions about their bodies. Encouraging open dialogue between parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals can further promote awareness and access to these crucial resources.

The Importance of Emotional Well-being:

Pregnancy, especially at a young age, can have significant emotional and psychological consequences. Marital relationships typically offer more stability and support for both the mother and the child. Unplanned pregnancies can create stress and disrupt a young girl’s emotional well-being, potentially hindering her educational and personal development.

Supporting Choices:

It is important to stress that everyone’s life journey is unique, and individual choices must be respected. Some young girls may choose to become mothers before marriage and succeed in balancing parenthood with education. However, it is essential to provide them with the necessary support and resources to ensure they can pursue their educational goals while also nurturing their children.


While the statement that “Pregnancy is only for the married” may appear rigid, it underscores the importance of encouraging young girls to prioritize their education and make informed decisions about their reproductive health. The emphasis is on promoting responsible choices, access to comprehensive sex education, and support systems that help young girls navigate the complexities of life. Ultimately, it is about empowering young girls to make the choices that are best for them and their futures, whether that includes marriage, parenthood, or education.

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